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The ItsOn Service Design Center Help Portal is where you can get assistance to help you understand and use the Service Design Center software. Its sections include:

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About Service Design Center

Service Design Center (SDC) is a web-based/SaaS application developed by ItsOn where you

Network features contain one or more policies, including service policies, entitlement policies, data session policies, and WiFi policies. These policies are the ingredients that support your cost-reduction initiatives, such as roaming reduction and WiFi offloading, or features that you want to block or allow for your entire subscriber base and that can be managed with the ItsOn system, such as allowing emergency calls and incoming domestic calls.

eCommerce policies are of two types, service eCommerce polices or entitlement eCommerce policies, and are the core components of products that you make available to your customers in your eCommerce catalog. 

You create many types of products in the eCommerce catalog, including plans, bundles, fees, eMoney, entitlements, value-added services, and retail coupons. You use categories to create structure and organization for the products.

Notifications allow you to reach out to your customers, providing information and feedback about their usage and behavior and allowing you to add direct purchase capabilities.

Offers include benefits, which provide ways to give discounted or free products in conjunction with purchases or other customer activity, and discounts, which aid in providing deals on subscribable products.

On the customer support pages, your customer service personnel have detailed information about your customers' accounts, lines of service, devices, plans and usage, and billing.

Customer segmentation capabilities allow you to create individualized experiences in the catalog with restrictions, targeted messaging with notifications, and customized offers.